Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Nate Powell!!! Worlds nicest guy...

The Womb Mates are back!!!

     It's Con season again boys and girls and to start it off is one of my favorites S.P.A.C.E Con down in Columbus, Ohio. After a mere 7+ hour drive (thanks Google maps) it was time to get down to business. We have met so many awesome indie creators at this show and this year was no different.
     We were stoked to find out that the talented Nate Powell was going to be there and we were just in time to see his panel!!! Score! His new comic MARCH, about the civil rights movement through the eyes of John Lewis, is simply amazing. Nate has a talent to convey the deepest emotion through the characters faces. His line work makes you feel their sadness and joys. It is something to behold. Nate has poured all of that into MARCH and after I bought it from him I read half of it that night. Not only is this guy ultra talented but he is the nicest, most humble, kind, funny guy you would ever want to meet! We talked to him at his panel and when we bought MARCH and SOUNDS OF YOUR NAME and asked him for an interview which we scheduled for the following day and he said, "Absolutely." At that moment I was over joyed and frightened. He was a guy that I admired since I read ANY EMPIRE and was on the New York best sellers list for a book he just put out and we were going to interview him!!! Wow...
    We came back Sunday and did our other interviews with a bunch of great creators and then we saw our opening... Nate was free from the swarms of fans and as we walked up to him he smiled and said "Hi ya all!" As if we were good drinking buddies! I asked if now was a good time for an interview and he said it was perfect because he had to leave in 20 minutes. Yes, the stars were aligning for us. After the interview we asked for a photo and he said yes and then walked away and came back with a guy to take it for us! He said "You're twins and its only fair you're both in the picture." SEE!!! This is what I'm talking about!!! The guy took the pictures and Nate, out of the blue, said "Lets take one with a creepy THE SHINING stare!!!" Ha! How can't you love this guy!?!?!
     If you guys haven't picked up his stuff, do yourself a favor and please do. You will be rewarded with a special experience like we were in meeting him!

From the Womb,